Spring around the Corner??

Really hope so!

Here at Userfriendly-Devon when we get the warmer and wet free days! I like to switch from using the Van to my road bike, Keep fit and being green minded, certainly looking forward to some lasting sun for a change!

As always, be safe out there, the number of email / telephone scams are ever increasing, so if ever in doubt put that phone down, or leave that email in the inbox, can contact me at Userfriendly and I can for sure sort that out.

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Back to Work!!!

Well, I am back from the holiday in Scotland ( much fun! ) and I am now today catching up with all the emails and phone messages, and getting ready for tomorrow when I am fully open again for business.


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Phishing Emails!! Important

If you have web hosting from myself, then you may get some emails saying you are over quota on your inbox, I’ve just had one and it was spot on for looks! But would have taken me to a fake website.

If you get any notifications like the above, don’t click any links and email myself, These guys are now getting quite cleaver with these fake emails.

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Yep its that time of year again, Userfriendly shall be closing end of Tuesday 15 Aug 2023 for “summer” holidays.

As usual there will be someone at base looking after our Zoo, but will be unable to deal with any computer issues.

Feel free to email or leave a voice mail, but I will only be able to deal with those on my reutrn, which will be 5th Sept 2023

Hope you all also manage to grab some time off too!

Adrian @ Userfriendly.

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New mobile number now Live!!

Hi All!

So yes changes are still rolling out here, the main one now is the new number to phone me on, it is 07592 324044 the 01548 854385 will very soon be set to announce only the new number to use ( no answer phone on the old number also )

So as a reminder, new number to use from now on is 07592 324044 either voice or text is perfect, office hours remain the same as below

Monday to Wednesday 9am to 5pm and Fridays 9am to 4pm

Telephone Number 07592 324044

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Updated Pages / Numbers / Keynote – Can’t Print?

So with the recent update to Pages etc and/or iOS16 the print system has moved in the apps..to be honest to a very odd place.

See that tiny small drop down arrow after the file name ( Title Name ) of your document ( in this example Princetown-Burrator )? Well click that, and you finally get to see the long awaited Print option!!

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Changes at Userfriendly-Devon

Well…two news items in one month! ( promise this will not happen again soon! )

I’ve been trading as Userfriendly-Devon in Kingsbridge for 27 years!! In that time the distance I’d cover for services got wider and wider! Well now its time to only focus on the local area of Kingsbridge ( with the exception of a few very loyal clients outside of the area )

This change will slowly start rolling out from now, and in the following months the distance for jobs will get ever closer to the local Kingsbridge area.

So Areas to cover include Kingsbridge out to Slaptop / Salcombe / Loddiswell and other areas that mostly fall with in that range, I will still cover places like Totnes / Dartmouth / Buckfast(leigh)

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Price Increase

Yes its the 2 words that people don’t really want to see, however I have been holding off for far too long to do this, But now with the current increases in a wide number of services I use as a business sadly I also have to follow suit and increase my prices ( though this is still inline or even below the normal! )

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Urgent iOS / Mac Updates

No doubt you have heard on the news recently about the recent security risk that is affecting all Apple Products.

That is iPhone / iPad / AppleTV / Apple Watch and MacOS

As a matter of urgency you need to run the updater to take your device(s) up to the latest updates / software version possible.

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Closed Monday 19th September 2022

Here at Userfriendly-Devon we are going to be closed for this Monday to allow people to focus on the events!

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