Ok, lets start by clearing up one mis-reporting of this, It is NOT a virus.

What is Shellshock ? It is a flaw in the “BASH ( bourne again shell ) which is a command line environment.

Most Mac’s I’m sure running the test positive to the flaw, type into Terminal env x='() { :;}; echo vulnerable’ bash -c ‘echo this is a test’

BUT if you keep GATEKEEPER turned on then you are safe, as it will only allow verified Apps to be installed, Even with it OFF the user will have to manually download an app that contains this exploit, Apple has repotted that they are working on closing this flaw ( for Advanced users who would possibly come in contact with it.. )

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But in summary :-
1. Not a Virus
2. Keep Mac OS X updated with security patches ( and other OS X updates )
3. Keep GateKeeper ON , Only turning it off if an App you are installing requires this, Then you MUST be sure that the app is SAFE to install, If in doubt ask / Check Google / Do not install an app if it requires GateKeeper OFF and you are not sure
4. Do not have Guest User activated AND Remote Login ( in System Preferences –> Sharing )

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