MacOS Catalina

Well Catalina has been around for a little while now, so what do we need to know? Are there any pitfalls?

Certainly if you are running a modern ( 2016 or later ) machine and all your applications are 64bit then the move is quite straight forward and may well be worth the update, however older machines and systems running software that is only 32bit then the update may not be for you.

Example, If you use Dreamweaver CS6 ( or below ) a lot and depend on it, then this software dies under Catalina, and unless you are happy to either make the move to Adobes CC ( and pay monthly ) or change to a different WYSIWYG like RapidWeaver ( which is good..but you can’t ‘import’ your Dreamweaver folder into it ) then there is little point in updating.

Even on machines that ‘support’ Catalina it might not be so straight forward, a MacBook Pro 2013 can run the MacOS Catalina, however the SideCar feature is not supported ( there are third party work arounds where you tweak the framework but its not 100% guaranteed to work! )

Overall the system is good, but its a case by case ‘should I update’ , If you are thinking about this latest update and are not sure about it, then please give us call for a chat about the merits ( or not ) with regards this update. And of course always backup your system before carrying out any major update of your Mac system.

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