Update on how Userfriendly-Devon are open for business

Hi All,

Ok so not much has really changed after the recent announcement from the goverment, So here I am still in favour of ‘If I can do it remotely’ then thats how it will happen.

Anything that I can not do via remote control, I will collect the device(s) bring them back to the workshop, carefully clean and then carry out the work, and then bring the device(s) back ( after carefully cleaning again ) , In the local area I’ll not be charging for any time for collection and delivery.

This is to ensure that my cleints, family and myself are being kept as safe as possible.

Looking forward to when we can all safely go back to a new kind of normal!

Keep well and keep safe, and remember Adrian here at Userfriendly-Devon is still very much open for business.

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