Open for Business a message from Adrian @ Userfriendly

Hi Adrian here, i do not normally send out emails in this way, But with recent events I thought updating my clients would be a good idea.

Ok…with recent events I though I’d let you know that currently I am still open and able to fix your computer issues, If of course you’d rather not have a physical visit, then I can still do most work via remote control software, I would send you a link and talk you though the install process.

And of course the phone line is always open if I can help over the phone.

If you are feeling unwell, then the best option is the remote control / telephone support.

Any on site visits that I am carrying out I shall be cleaning my hands before and after the visit for both clients and myself safety, I am also currently only taking card payments ( as advised via guidelines )

I truly hope this finds you well and look forwarding to either seeing you or talking on the phone.

Take care and keep safe.

Kindest Regards
Adrian @ Userfriendly

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Weather Warnings

Ok, so with the current weather warnings and possibilities of thunderstorms, it is always advisable if you are going to be away from home for a number of hours to make sure your computer(s) are turned off ( and possibly unplugged ) and if possible unplug that broadband router both from power and the BT connection ( its still earthed otherwise! )

And more importantly…keep safe out there, this weather is quite nasty at times!

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Full Fibre for Devon!?

According to Openreach they are on track for March 2021 to bring full fibre to your door, with an estimate of 4million homes and businesses getting connected.

To carry out a check ( and to register interest in true fibre ) follow this link ( Click Me! ) although looking at their map Torbay seems the closest with Totnes and Dartmouth not even appearing let alone smaller towns etc like Kingsbridge or South Brent

**Update** Kingsbridge is down for this roll out, its just not got a date for it yet!

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MacOS Catalina

Well Catalina has been around for a little while now, so what do we need to know? Are there any pitfalls?

Certainly if you are running a modern ( 2016 or later ) machine and all your applications are 64bit then the move is quite straight forward and may well be worth the update, however older machines and systems running software that is only 32bit then the update may not be for you.

Example, If you use Dreamweaver CS6 ( or below ) a lot and depend on it, then this software dies under Catalina, and unless you are happy to either make the move to Adobes CC ( and pay monthly ) or change to a different WYSIWYG like RapidWeaver ( which is good..but you can’t ‘import’ your Dreamweaver folder into it ) then there is little point in updating.

Even on machines that ‘support’ Catalina it might not be so straight forward, a MacBook Pro 2013 can run the MacOS Catalina, however the SideCar feature is not supported ( there are third party work arounds where you tweak the framework but its not 100% guaranteed to work! )

Overall the system is good, but its a case by case ‘should I update’ , If you are thinking about this latest update and are not sure about it, then please give us call for a chat about the merits ( or not ) with regards this update. And of course always backup your system before carrying out any major update of your Mac system.

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iOS iMessage scam

If you get an iMessage saying anything like your account or linked account to this number or email is going to be deleted etc….just delete it please, it’s a scam.

Apple are not sending out any such kind of emails, just delete the text / email

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Scam sites for Support

Please be careful when searching the website for “support” there are a number of sites out there that are scam sites.
For example if you are looking for help with an Apple Mac product, go direct to and click on support on their page.

A number of these fake sites are installing remote control systems, or worse still encryption software to lock you out of your files.

Please be safe out there!

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Telephone Scams

” Content from

Tips for Fighting ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ and Other Robocalls by BEN POPKEN

Play Consumer Alert: Beware of the ‘Can You Hear Me?’ Robocall Scam Facebook Twitter Google PlusEmbed
Consumer Alert: Beware of the ‘Can You Hear Me?’ Robocall Scam 1:32
Have you gotten one of these “Can you hear me now?” phone calls.

No, “The Verizon Guy” (now the Sprint guy) is not ringing you up. It’s a robocall scammer who wants to steal your identity and money.

Here’s how it works. Your phone rings and you hear someone say “can you hear me now?” or some variation. If you say “yes,” the system records your response and uses it to make it sound like you agreed to their service. You could then get hit with unexpected charges.

This scam is hot. The BBB reports that for the last few days of January more than half of the reports to the BBB scam tracker have been about this ripoff. In fact as I was writing this story I received one of these calls.

What makes it even weirder is that this new breed of robocallers uses artificially intelligent voice recognition to string you along in a conversation and get personal information out of you. In one recording the robot was programmed to laugh and say “I am a real person” when the caller asked the computer to say “I am not a robot.”

“We have seen these robo calls get more sophisticated, and even mimic things like background noise and other manipulations to the audio to convince you as the recipient of the phone call that it’s a real person,” said Ryan Kalember, spokesman for cybersecurity firm Proofpoint.

“This will continue to open up different ways for fraudsters to try to pretend that they are us, and commit fraud that will eventually hit our pocketbooks.”

Here’s how to fight back:

Hang up. Resist the urge to play around with the robot or even press any numbers. Tim Marvin with non-profit watchdog Consumers Union said scammers may use any kind of a response, even a negative one, to flag which numbers are working and you may just end up getting more phone calls.

Report the number to the FTC. Real-time reported numbers are helpful for the agency in tracking the issue.

Use a call-blocking service or tool like one of these:

For traditional landlines, Consumer Reports has several devices they’ve reviewed which attach like an old-fashioned answering machines
Smartphones – Apps abound. Check the reviews and see which work best for you. For iOS try NoMoRobo. For Android try Privacy Star.
VoIP – Also try NoMoRobo.
Sign up for the Do Not Call list.

Demand action – Ask your representative to pressure phone companies to implement robocall filtering technology on their side.

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Email Service Issues

Currently our host is experiencing technical issues, so email clients like apple mail / outlook / iOS devices etc are giving error codes about certificate error, For urgent email access please use webmail.

To access your webmail go to your website and add /webmail


And then sign in with your email address and password.

Our host guys are looking into this issue as a matter of urgency

Services are now back to normal, you may need to reboot your device(s)

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When a technician says back up….

He does not mean away from the computer :p But to make sure you have an up to dat copy of your important data, a weekly backup to a memory stick can literally save your digital life.

An external hard drive connected permanently with a scheduled back up WITH a separate backup to a memory stick is even better, a permanently connected external hard drives “could” get infected at the same time your computer does, So the memory stick is like a failsafe.

Please everyone, make sure you have a least 1 up to date backup ( more is better xD )

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OS 10.10.2

Finally an update for all Yosemite users on Apple Mac, 10.10.2 is ok and address’s Safari / Mail / Thunderbolt / WiFi issues ( and other fixes )

It is a biggish update, so users on slow broadband will need to sit back and wait, but first impressions are good, i can finally use Safari without having to force quit it and go back to Google Chrome.

Mail also seems improved but will report back later on this after a few days of testing

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