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Back to Work!!!


Well, I am back from the holiday in Scotland ( much fun! ) and I am now today catching up with all the emails and phone messages, and getting ready for tomorrow when I am fully open again for business.

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Yep its that time of year again, Userfriendly shall be closing end of Tuesday 15 Aug 2023 for “summer” holidays. As usual there will be someone at base looking after our Zoo, but will be unable to deal with any computer issues. Feel free to email or leave a voice mail, but I will only …

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December opening Times

Ok, I’ve been super busy this year, so from 24th December to 6th January 2022 I shall be closed for a well earnt ( i think ) break!

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 I am still open and able to fix your computer issues. All but critical work can and will be carried out via remote assistance, either via remote control and/or telephone ( and other communications like Skype ) *Critical work – This will be accessed on a case by case system, please understand if its deemed …

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Opening times for December 2013

We shall be closed from 23rd December until 3rd January 2014

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